While "e" inc. is not the only program in the country concerned about linking science to the lives of urban children we are unique in linking science to action and in promoting 'environmental citizenry' as an imperative for our students and our planet. We understand that science must be both exciting and relevant to our children's lives. 

It is "e" inc.'s excitement, hope, energy, and science expertise that helps them succeed.

Help us continue to create change. 

Don't leave it to someone else to ensure that all children:

  • make strides as leaders,
  • gain a sense of caring, 
  • deepen their knowledge, and even 
  • feel a deep urgency about the Earth.  

Every dollar you give helps us move this effort forward. Renew your gift or make a first-time donation today. Our students are living proof that positive change for the planet can happen.


Dr. Ricky Stern and the Board and Staff of "e" inc.

We use the excitement of science discovery to inspire new scientists and we pair science education with action to develop science-minded 'Planet Protectors.' Now, with support from concerned friends like you, we can reach and inspire even more young people and give them a chance to explore, understand, and protect their home.

Urban children get minimal exposure to nature or the effect of human behavior on the world.  With insufficient hands-on experiences at school, home, or community, there is little opportunity for our kids to see the links between science and their lives. By middle or high school science can bring discomfort rather than curiosity.  And Science Careers? Not even a consideration. 

But shouldn't science be a source of wonder for all?

For 12 years, "e" inc. has maintained its commitment to teach exciting science to low-income children and teens and then to always involve them in action.  Whether considering

•    our in-depth year-long residencies serving 4,500 young people in public schools, 

•    our ongoing after school programs in 3 cities, 

•    our developmental teen teams, or 

•    our summer field experiences, 

"e" inc. hands-on science is a delight.

Children stop our educators in the halls to tell them what they liked or remember. This fall, a 3rd grader brought in a homemade power station she made to show her grandmother what she'd learned on electricity. In after schools, children light up when they see our teachers arrive:

'Is today "e" science?  That's my favorite.' 

Why this response? Because the work of "e" inc. is special. It is developmentally crafted. It is intimate. It has activities that bring amazing science ideas to our students.  It has a staff of educators dedicated to children. And it has something else…

It has Action!

 "e" inc. children learn why and how to make a difference. Through our programs, children not only see how the Earth works, they come to see its current challenges and ways they can have an effect. They understand that the planet needs their help and they love the idea of being called to action. It builds their confidence and, equally important, it supports the idea that they matter! 

Such moments are precious. 

At “e” inc.we bring precious moments to children and youth every day.

Perhaps it was the surprise of viewing a deer in the woods!  

Was it a day exploring the reed-life at a pond?

Was it when you walked into a museum and realized the sheer size of a wooly mammoth?

When did you first realize you loved the planet?

"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's beings, biomes, resources, and

systems and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

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