Seth Allen

Elizabeth Barnett
Howard Bernstein
Doug Bishop
Harley Broe
Kurt  Buermann

Rich & Carol Glen

Jennifer Herlihey

Jeff Kimmer
Eddie Kimmer

Paul Lauenstein
David Lederer
Jeanne Maclaren

Alex Mathews

Kathy Minnerly
Eva Moseley
Carla Moynihan
Maura O'Gara

Cathy Reese
Shari Ross
Rudy Ruggles

Melanie & David Samuels
Dominic Scerenci
Kitty Schacht
Joan Schimke
Ethel Shephard
Ricky Stern
Melanie Stern
Philip  Webber
Karen & Mark Wise

Michelle DeLuties

Grey Lee

Martha Karchere

Nancy Lincoln

Gillian Stephens

​Mike & Tracy Britton

What they gave stipends one urban youth working for two weeks with young children in our on-site summer programs and Brings our after school hands-on environment science program to 15 children in after school for 3 (of their 11) sessions.

They have delivered 6 weeks of Science & Action to 1 classroom in a public day school in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville.

Edith Agar

Tobie Garfinkle

Petie Hillsinger

Rosie Hanlon

Lily Ko

Anita Marton

When they gave, they placed an “e” inc. educator in 3 classrooms helping 75 students to create and carry out their first action project.

Each one of these people gave to provide a grade school child with their first “e” inc. science lesson.

David Peter
Katie Pritchard

Michael  Zimmerman

"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's biomes, resources, and

system and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

Kyle Cahill

Marc Garfinkle

Ingeborg Hegemann

Gregory Sampson

Thank you to all those who's generosity and kindness continues to help "e" inc.:

Involve urban children and youth in the excitement of science and the dignity of active participation;

Teach disadvantaged children and teens the STEM science

and skills that create new options and opportunities.

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