Cities Served To Date




     Jamaica Plain


     Mission Hill


     West Roxbury




Grades Served

Head Start

K1 and K2

Elementary Schools

     1 through 5

Middle Schools

     6 through 8

High Schools

     9 through 12

“e” inc is about teaching.
Using hands-on science as a springboard, “e" inc. engages students across urban neighborhoods in real-time action projects that are stimulating, important, and directly linked to their “e” inc. science subject. Students study current environment challenges and come to appreciate how individuals can both affect local and global challenges and also support good outcomes. In community centers, day schools, camps, and after schools throughout 3 cities children and youth become inspired to take responsibility for sustaining the planet; first, by changing their own actions and then, by creating projects that involve others to make a difference.

"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's biomes, resources, and

systems and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

“e” inc. will provide programs to more than 6,500 children and teens this year. 

Approximately 80% of students served qualify for federally-funded free or reduced lunch, denoting a household income near or at the poverty level.

“e” inc is about action.
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