"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's biomes, resources, and

system and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

Student Support Intern

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Contact us below or email info@einc-action.org

“e” inc. – the environment science discovery & action center seeks an intern to support science and leadership programs for Boston youth. This intern will have the opportunity to work with middle school students in both formal and informal teaching settings.

The Student Support Intern will be assigned to
Boston Green Academy, Brighton (Mon & Tue, 8am-12pm)

An “e” inc. Educator leads three 1-hr lessons to 6th - 8th  graders on environmental science & justice themes. These students have many outside stressors and benefit from having additional support in the classroom.

The Student Support Intern’s role would be to:

  • Identify and assist students requiring more attention and/or guidance
  • Assist with behavior management
  • Provide short-term support to students demonstrating behavioral issue.
  • Build relationships with students
  • Check-in regularly with on-site “e” inc. Educator & “e” inc.’s Staff Supervisor

Please apply if:

You have experience working with middle school students.
You are knowledgeable about supporting students with a variety of stressors, such as familial instability, new immigration, lack of adequate financial support at home, etc.
You are mature, focused, and able to negotiate a role within a larger urban institution.

To Apply: 

Please send a resume and brief description of relevant experiences & skills to Thi.Tran@einc-action.org.

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"e" inc. is looking for a part-time Student Support Intern

& Full-Time Educator 

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