“e” inc. – the environment science learning and action center based in Boston, is looking for a part-time Environment Science Educator.

"e" inc., now in its 14th year, is currently seeking a part-time educator skilled in working in urban settings for several after schools and 1 day-school program in Boston and Cambridge. "e" inc. is a non-profit that educates and supports children and adults to be lifetime protectors of their planet. We accomplish this by teaching robust science regarding natural resource systems and by helping individuals, groups, and classes get action education and activities that translate into actions that foster sustainability locally and globally.

Please apply if:

  • You are mature and focused, able to work with and negotiate a role within larger urban institutions (schools and after schools), and are comfortable working independently with lessons that are provided to you.
  • You are excited by and conversant with the sciences and love the challenges of working with elementary and middle school children
    and youth.

  • You have a passion for the environment and enjoy helping young people getting access to great experiences.

  • You have taught before in classrooms or other structured settings and feel confident working with youth.

-Teaching at a combination of day schools and community centers around Greater Boston with elementary-aged students.
-Learning, and then teaching, several different curriculums at different sites.
-Creating/supporting student-led action projects.
-Position is approximately 20 hours/week 

To Apply: 

Please email alyson.wall@einc-action.org. Please include a cover letter, your resume and 3 references. Applications process is rolling. We will phone you if interest. There will be 2 interviews: 1. By phone with staff supervisor. 2. In-person with ED.

“e” inc. – the environment science discovery & action center seeks an intern to support science and leadership programs for Boston youth. This intern will have the opportunity to work with middle school students in both formal and informal teaching settings.

The Student Support Intern will be assigned to
“e” inc. Discovery Center, Charlestown (Mon & Wed, 4:30pm-6:30pm)

An “e” inc. Educator leads a Change Makers Teen Team made up of ~20 6th-9th grade students from Charlestown. The group meets twice a week for 2 hours at a time. This team is focused on leadership development and community action projects.
The Student Support Intern’s role would be to:

  • Serve as a mentor for teens and be part of their support network
  • Identify and assist students requiring more attention and/or guidance
  • Check-in regularly with “e” inc. Educator/Team Leader & “e” inc.’s Staff Supervisor

Please apply if:

You have experience working with middle school students.
You are knowledgeable about supporting students with a variety of stressors, such as familial instability, new immigration, lack of adequate financial support at home, etc.
You are mature, focused, and able to negotiate a role within a larger urban institution.

This internship is part-time and unpaid.

Internship dates: Jan 15 - Jun 12

To Apply: 

Please send a resume and brief description of related experiences/skills to alyson.wall@einc-action.org

Join the "e" inc. Team! 
"e" inc. is looking for a part-time Student Support Intern

& Part-Time Educator 

Student Support Intern

Need more information?  

Contact us below or email info@einc-action.org

Part-Time Educator

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