"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's biomes, resources, and

system and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

Julia Murphy

Action Coordinator

Julia is a graduate of UMass Amherst and holds a master's degree in Conservation Biology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.  Before coming to "e" inc, she has worked doing everything from environmental research in the Amazon rainforest to teaching conservation at zoos and aquariums in the US. Her love of nature has led her all over the world and she hopes to share that knowledge and experience with everyone she meets!

Marissa Gallant

Curriculum Developer​

Thi Tran

On Site Program Coordinator

Thi Tran is a Boston (Dorchester) native who grew up alongside the Boston Harbor and has worked on the Boston Harbor Islands every summer since 2009. The beautiful history of Spectacle Island and of the Boston Harbor Clean Up inspired Thi to get her B.S. in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her goals are to instill a sense of pride and resilience in youths about our environment and to support their innate knowledge that they can make a difference.

Curtis Tripp  
Off Site Program Coordinator

​Curtis has been an Environmental Educator at "e" inc. since August of 2015. He has always been curious about the world around him, which led him to study environmental science and anthropology in college. Since then, he has enjoyed sharing his passion for the environment with youth in a variety of settings. Prior to joining "e" inc., he worked for Canyonlands Field Institute in the desert of southern Utah, and spent a couple years living at a children's home and teaching middle school (and birding) in Honduras.

Alyson Wall

Staff Supervisor

Alyson is a South Coast Mass native, transported to Boston. Her love for nature began in the wetlands of her backyard and beaches of her town. Realizing that learning about the natural world and people's interaction with it was her passion, she went to school for Environmental Studies and Community Development at the University of Vermont. Alyson has been working with youth for nine years and loves working with "e" inc. bringing environment science and environmental stewardship to urban schools. When not in classrooms, Alyson can be found riding her bike, dreaming about pugs and escaping to the beloved ocean..

Dr. Ricky S. Stern
Founder and Executive Director of "e" inc.

Meet the Staff & Educators at "e" inc.

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