"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's biomes, resources, and

systems and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

A Global Warming Workshop serving schools and after schools. “e” inc.’s climate change workshop helps students get serious about making a difference in this planetary challenge through fun hands-on activities.

How to be Cool about Getting Hot

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Climate Change: The What and The How

In this program, students learn the science of climate change by investigating questions such as:

What are greenhouse gases?

How do they behave in the atmosphere?

What are renewable resources?

What is carbon?

How are fossil fuels made?

What are some effects of climate change?

Through games and experiments, students discover the causes and the effects of climate change, as well as, ways to decrease their own and their school’s carbon footprints.

The Amazon Rainforest

​​In this curriculum, children gain a sense of protection for their community as they get involved with projects such as recycling, water

conservation, tree planting, and creating gardens to ‘green’ their immediate neighborhood.

Teams of children investigate questions such as:

How do plants and trees grow in your neighborhood? 

What animals can we discover? 

What are the many habitats all around you?

This curriculum shows how ecosystems are tied together, even on your street.

Gardens and Growing

​​Does food come ‘from the grocery store?’ Growing plants from seed lets students discover how plants grow and develop. This leads to a real understanding of where food comes from and how it gets to your street. Then, we grow it!

During this program,  kids learn about the amazing cycles of nutrients, water, air, and carbon that support a healthy garden. Students of all ages learn how to grow and care for gardens.

Ocean Explorers

The ocean contain some of the most fascinating and unique animals in the world; yet, despite its vast size, it is the least explored ecosystem on the planet.

In Ocean Explorers, students learn about the vastness of the ocean and the variety of its beings.

They also come to understand the importance of water and the role the ocean plays in all the systems of our planet.

Sample Curriculums for After Schools and Summer Intensives below

Discovering Fort Point Channel

A hands-on field trip for groups from day camps and community centers. From catching crabs in the Fort Point Channel to understanding the concept of a watershed to rowing on the water, youth participate in a fun, discovery-filled day. Run in partnership with the Boston Rowing Center. 

Exploration in the Urban Wilds

A federally funded daily woodland summer field experiences for teams from urban day camps.

“e” inc. in After-Schools and

Summer Intensives

While answers to current environmental problems require a suite of solutions, little can succeed without a literate, involved, and committed citizenry. “e” inc. is making the idea of an active citizenry, grounded in science, a reality. “e” inc. promotes the conservation of our world for all people and all beings.
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