“e” inc.'s Environment Science Discovery and Action Museum is devoted to teaching about the beings, biomes, resources, and systems of our planet. Through hands-on experiences, the discovery museum will engage children, teens, and caregivers in the wonders of the Earth and the science that drives the planet.

As with all “e” inc. programming, this enviro-science center will help all its visitors to both explore the planet AND protect it. Children will leave with the skills they need so that they can become a Hero for the Earth.

In addition to the current offerings in the Charlestown Navy Yard, “e” inc. is working to build a sustainable site which will serve as a model of green choices while functioning as a place to understand the challenges and possibilities of a sustainable future.

Imagine an enviro-science museum with thousands of visitors who become Planet Protectors by taking actions that make a difference.

This is “e” inc.’s vision for its new 

Environment Science Discovery & Action Museum.

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