"e" inc. provides children, teens, and adults a scientific

understanding of Earth's beings, biomes, resources, and

systems and the skills to protect the planet and live sustainably.

“e” inc.'s Environment Science Discovery and Action Museum is devoted to teaching about the beings, biomes, resources, and systems of our planet. Through hands-on experiences, the discovery museum will engage children, teens, and caregivers in the wonders of the Earth and the science that drives the planet.

As with all “e” inc. programming, this enviro-science center will help all its visitors to both explore the planet AND protect it. Children will leave with the skills they need so that they can become a Hero for the Earth.

In addition to the current offerings in the Charlestown Navy Yard, “e” inc. is working to build a sustainable site which will serve as a model of green choices while functioning as a place to understand the challenges and possibilities of a sustainable future.

Imagine an enviro-science museum with thousands of visitors who become Planet Protectors by taking actions that make a difference.

This is “e” inc.’s vision for its new 

Environment Science Discovery & Action Museum.

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