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Science in Action

"e" inc. is a non-profit organization based in Boston dedicated to promoting science literacy and environmental stewardship among children and youth, particularly those from low-income backgrounds. They achieve this through hands-on science education programs that engage students in active learning and empower them to take action to protect the planet. The organization's goals include providing robust science education, involving students in meaningful action projects, and boosting the self-esteem of participants. Programs are delivered in day schools, after-school settings, teen teams, and summer camps, with a focus on teaching about beings, biomes, resources, and systems that drive the planet. Through various initiatives, "e" inc. aims to create science-literate 'doers' who are capable of making positive changes in their communities and beyond.

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Join us in the fight for our planet's future! Driven by urgency and powered by action, "e" inc. is empowering children and youth to become change-makers through our Action First program. Your support is critical to ensure their success. Donate today to fund projects that inspire and empower the next generation to protect our planet. Together, let's make a difference for a sustainable future.


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