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About Us

"e" inc. - The Planet Science Learning & Action Center

Since our inception in 2002, “e” inc. has been developing science curriculums and teaching young people in year-long, weekly programs within day-schools, after-schools, and youth-teams across Greater Boston.  


“e” inc. science educators offer standards-based science residencies that provide hands-on, dynamic teaching that truly involve all learners. 

“e” inc.’s teaching techniques allow children to clearly grasp the science concepts that demonstrate how their planet ‘works.’  These award-winning programs stand out because young people become actively engaged in using their learning to make a difference in today’s environmental challenges.


to educate children, youth and their caregivers about environment and planet science, environmentally positive behavior, and the skills to make a difference that can lead us all to a sustainable future.


Our Mission


Founded in 2002, "e" inc. has dedicated itself to fostering science literacy and environmental involvement among urban children, teens, and families, as well as, the institutions that serve them. With a central focus on the integration of science skills and knowledge paired with hands-on actions, "e" inc. has successfully changed children into inspired investigators and problem-solvers through its excellent science programming.  


Over its 22-year history, "e" inc. has developed 14 unique environment-science curriculums adapted to the developmental needs of the various age groups it serves. Its flagship program, Kids Green their School, operates within elementary and middle-school sites, and has “e” inc. educators teaching science and sustainability in each classroom it serves. This program has become a key sustainability program, impacting over a thousand students annually, and resulting in tangible conservation efforts, such as reducing electricity, water, waste, and mitigating climate impact.  


In addition to in-school programs, "e" inc. offers after-school programs in two cities. These provide one chosen science topic per trimester, that is filled with enrichment activities on one of “e” inc.’s 14 curriculums. These involvements engage students with hands-on activities and science content. The organization's commitment to science education and team involvements has led to trusted partnerships with teachers and after-school staff, ensuring lasting impacts. In 2015, "e" inc. moved into its current headquarters at a new space in an old shipyard building in the Charlestown Navy Yard, strategically planning for a museum that will open its doors in 2025-26.  


The museum will serve as a 'Discovery and Action Center,' focusing on science, sustainability, and changemaking, further expanding the organization's reach and influence. The driving force behind "e" inc.'s mission is the question: "How can a non-profit create lifelong citizen conservationists?" The organization has successfully addressed this challenge by creating models that capture teachers' attention, fostering excellent partnerships with schools, and instilling a strong commitment to science and team involvement.  


Since its start, "e" inc. has served approximately 2,500 young people annually, across day schools, after-school programs, and out-of-school youth initiatives, in two cities. “e” inc.’s impact is evident in the consistent 35-45% rise in pre-to-post science test scores, across all day and after-school sites, highlighting its ability to increase our learner's science literacy.  


"e" inc.'s journey began with the ‘Planet Protectors’ After-school Programs in community sites across two cities.  Next, it added “Kids Green their School,” setting a separate tone for its work bringing in-depth environment science to days schools.  Today, the organization has expanded to include teen teams, called The ChangeMakers.  These programs emphasize small groups, science learning, social supports, leadership skills, and environmental justice awareness.  


As "e" inc. continues to evolve, its commitment to teaching The Science of the Planet and The Skills to Make a Difference remains as engaged as ever, using meaningful action tasks to ensure ongoing impact. 

Our Board of Directors

Cristina Mendoza


Director, Sustainserv Inc.
Resident of Medford, MA

Scott Perry


Partner - NEPC, LLC
Resident of Charlestown, MA

Michelle Mendoza Figueredo


Fortive Corporation, Director of Commercial Operations at Industrial Scientific 
Resident of Medfield, MA

Jordan Garfinkle 


Environmental Analyst, Bloomberg Energy 
Resident of New Jersey

Gregory Sampson, Esq.


Resident of Melrose, MA 

​Annis Gill-Miller 


Eastern Bank 
Resident of Taunton, MA

Jennie French


2nd Grade Teacher,

Arlington Public Schools 

Resident of Cambrige, MA 

Emily Thiem


ESG Program Administrator,

Resident of Boston, MA

Dr. Ricky Stern


Executive Director, "e" inc.
Resident of Sharon, MA 

Our Staff

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